About the BFA

46 Today.  Needing to lose weight (or at least the BFA).

So this is the thing.

I am NOT huge. A good sized 14 on the top (largely due to shoulders and appendages) and 12-14 on the bottom half. But I AM heavy – around 11st 6lb or so (and I will weigh in later to prove it).

I have just come back from a weekend away in Paris. Fab, fab fab. ALL of the women are stick thin. Every other shop is a Patisserie. In between the patisseries there are clothes shops that sell the most wonderful clothes. I am TOO LARGE for these shops. In Paris, I am OUTSIZE. Hmmmm…

And here’s another thing. All of these stick insect women SMOKE. All of them. Is this a metabolism thing?

Anyhow. Whatever. I have to lose my BFA and it is starting to happen today on my 46th birthday. I am told that I do not look 46 and could get away for late 30 something but this is down largely to my skin which genetically has been passed to me by my mother. She is however, obese – by any definition of the word. She never used to be. She used to be a bit of a sporty chick in her day. She gave up smoking and put on weight. SO…..

Yet another thing. Must I start to smoke to get thin? Or must I move my BFA to the gym? I already walk the dog at least 4-5 miles a day. So as I say am not in BAD shape. But obviously could do better. So I hereby pledge that I aim to get down to 10 stones by the end of Easter. All alcohol and chocolate has gone. I shall eat nuts and salad and join the gym.

Wish me luck!!!

Give me some moral support please!!!



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